8 Brilliant Organizing Ideas We Learned from Martha, Ina, and Other Celebs

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While it’s endlessly fun to watch Ina make a giant cosmopolitan, that’s not especially useful for our everyday lives. For the most part, though, our favorite celebrities tend to give us lots of brilliant takeaways that can improve our daily stints in the kitchen. Whether they mean to or not!

This year, we got lots of aha moments from our favorite celebrities. We stole some tricks to organize our pantries, set up our countertops, beautify our under-sink areas, and more. Wanna know the very best lessons we learned? You’re in the right place! Let’s take a look.

1. Decant dried goods into special containers.

2. Use a pickle crock as a trash can.

3. Store utensils in TWO crocks.

4. Use a fabric skirt to beautify your under-the-sink area.

5. Hang a magnetic knife strip vertically.

Julia Child is certainly a food celebrity. After all, we’re still learning things from the kitchen queen. There’s a whole wealth of knowledge nuggets in this article about how Julia organized her kitchen (she was a fan of utensil crocks, too), but our favorite was how she hung her knife holders. Instead of attaching them on the wall horizontally, she always put them up vertically. That means knives hang horizontally. And that means they’ll be more equally balanced, and easier to grab.

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Did you pick up any celebrity-sourced tips for organizing or cleaning your kitchens? Let us in on the secrets!

Rochelle Bilow


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