A changing culinary landscape means fresh opportunity for chef innovation

Consumer cravings are in constant flux, acting as a reflection of current values and modern culinary trends.  As a result, the food landscape is continually evolving, presenting chefs with a unique opportunity to develop innovative culinary-forward solutions that satisfy consumer needs at every occasion.

Adjusting to consumers

In 2020, the effects of COVID-19 brought forth a significant change in people’s lifestyles and eating habits. With personal health and wellbeing resting at the forefront of their minds, consumers are now opting for food choices that highlight health-forward nutrition and a short ingredient list. Similarly, with a higher portion of individuals working from home, home-cooked meals are becoming increasingly popular, though consumers are still mindful of the health and nutritional value of the food they enjoy.  

Faced with these different values, consumers are increasingly turning to plant-based products to meet their needs. By 2030, the global combined plant-based alternative category is expected to reach $50 billion in sales.1

Delivering sustainable, nutritious, and delicious food choices

While the demand for nutritious, sustainable and plant-based alternatives continues to rise, consumers still rely on familiar flavors and formats while also aiming for new, emerging tastes they can add to their repertoire of dishes. ADM’s team of experienced chefs have perfected Culinary Crafted solutions, offering a vast selection of on-trend, multi-sensorial culinary options, all while prioritizing clean labels and speed to market capabilities.

Through their well-connected global team of chefs, ADM provides a diverse portfolio of culinary-inspired creations, heightening the flavor and texture of consumer favorites. From plant-forward solutions to sauces and condiments to plant-based meals that highlight dynamic blends of seasoning and robust flavor profiles, ADM delivers globally-inspired flavors to suit consumers’ expanding taste horizons.

While food science is often the foundation behind the flavor profiles, culinary expertise drives it forward. Multi-dimensional flavors and textures are meticulously curated to highlight flavor depth and smart ingredient selection. With dishes like the hearty and smoky Chili sin Carne to the deep umami loaded Korean-style marinade, ADM’s chefs unlock taste-forward sustainable innovation for the modern consumer.

Creating culinary solutions for consumer cravings

By developing Culinary Crafted solutions, ADM advances commercialized innovation, application development and further engagement by always keeping the consumer needs in mind. A deep understanding of production and manufacturing systems is designed to help you get to market faster by optimizing quality solutions, with a focus on culinary integrity and clean label flavor profiles.

As the culinary landscape shifts towards more health-forward values, ADM stands ahead of the curve in providing culinary solutions that balance taste, nutrition, and personal wellbeing. By incorporating wholesome ingredients and inventive, vibrant flavors, ADM’s Culinary Crafted solutions can help you to meet consumer cravings for healthy and flavorful foods.

  1. Retail Data by IRI; Growth 2020 vs. 2019; Jan-Sep. (Sales number does not include milk alternatives)

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