Adele’s dad Mark Evans first heard her music just before death during tearful call

Superstar Adele’s songs are known for their emotional and meaningful lyrics, but her father could not bear to listen.

Separating from her mother when the singer was just three years old, Adele’s father Mark Evans distanced himself from his daughter.

Divorce and the death of Mark’s own father from bowel cancer resulted in an alcohol addition, permanently damaging the father- daughter relationship.

Mark experienced years of feuding with his famous daughter and even admitted he was a “rotten father” due to his alcoholism – reports The Mirror.

But just before his death, the pair were able to mend their fractured relationship.

Mark lived in Cardiff, Wales, where he worked as a plumber, and he admitted to The Sun in 2011 that he was a not there when Adele needed him most.

“I was putting away two litres of vodka and seven or eight pints of Stella every day,” he said.

“I drank like that for three years. God only knows how I survived it.

“I was deeply ashamed of what I’d become and I knew the kindest thing I could do for Adele was to make sure she never saw me in that state.”

He said he was convinced Adele’s relationship issues that illustrated her many albums were because of him – but this only angered his daughter.

“He’s f***ing blown it. He will never hear from me again. It makes me angry,” she said in response to his remarks.

“To come back after ten years and be like ‘Maybe her problem with men comes down to me.’

“It’s like ‘How dare you comment on my life?’ It makes my blood boil.”

She did, however, deny hating him – insisting: “I don’t hate him – he’s my dad.”

Upon his own diagnosis with bowel cancer, Mark admitted he feared he would never get the chance to reconcile with Adele and meet his grandson Angelo, now nine, who Adele shares with ex-husband Simon Konecki.

But Adele appeared a long way away from forgiveness, telling her manager at the 2017 Grammy Awards: “I love you like you’re my dad.

“I love you so, so much. I don’t love my dad, that’s the thing. That doesn’t mean a lot. I love you like I would love my dad.”

Adele has quite a few Grammys

Mark went on to claim in 2015 he had spoken with Adele and they were now at last on good terms, branding their feud a “misunderstanding” – but Adele denied this was the case.

A friend of Mark’s told The Sun : “He knows he’s made mistakes but he’d love to patch things up and get a bit of forgiveness.

“He’s heartbroken. He hasn’t got a life really, he’s just existing.”

However, Adele told Oprah Winfrey in a new CBS interview that she did indeed make peace with Mark, three years before his death in May 2021.

And he finally listened to Adele’s music, having previously found it too painful.

He had heard her breakout song Hometown Glory in 2007, but nothing since.

Adele explained: “He was like, ‘It’s too painful.’ He would switch it off and he never ever played any of my other music.”

But during a zoom call in April 2021, Adele and Mark had a conversation that she said brought her closure, and she played him her upcoming album, 30.

One song she particularly wanted to her dad to hear was To Be Loved, a song that explores how her dad’s absence affected her ability to trust.

“It was amazing for me and him,” she said. “I think he could listen to me sing it, but not saying it – we are very similar like that.

“His favourites were all of my favourites, which was amazing. So it was it was very, very healing [and] when he died, it was literally like the wound closed up.

“I felt that huge gaping hole filled,” she added.

The songstress said Mark’s alcoholism and “lack of presence” left a “void” she was “definitely always trying to fill”.

“I had absolutely zero expectations of anybody, because I learned not to have them through my dad,” she said.

“He was the reason I haven’t fully accessed what it is to be in a loving relationship with somebody.”

When it was announced Mark had died in May aged 57, a source told The Sun: “Mark’s family are of course very upset by his passing.

“He always hoped things would work out with Adele, but it remained acrimonious to the end.

“He made a few attempts to make things right, but clearly it had been too long.”

Upon hearing the news, Adele said she had a “physical reaction” which she compared to film The Green Mile, where illnesses are sucked out of people.

“It was like I let out one wail and something left,” she admitted.

“I’ve felt so calm ever since then. It really did set little me free.”

The Grammy Award-winner added: “I think I’ve never been fully in any of my relationships. I always had this fear from a really young age that, ‘You’re going to leave me anyway, so I’m going to leave or I’m not going to invest myself in anything.'”

But things are different now with her current boyfriend, sports agent Rich Paul, who Adele gushed is “hilarious” and “very smart”.

Looking peaceful and happy, Adele said this is her first ever relationship where she’s “loved herself and been open to loving and being loved by someone else”.

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