AEI panel offers highlights from American Family Survey 2021

With pandemic pressures as a backdrop, how have American families fared in the past year?

Since March 2020, families have experienced a lot of change, with millions learning to work and study remotely. But not everyone hunkered down: Front-line workers, many of them low-income and already stressed, faced the pandemic and the challenges of managing their households while, in some cases, balancing greater work demands.

American families also had a lot of help. Many who never before experienced government assistance received some in the form of pandemic stimulus payments that reached the vast majority of American adults.

The seventh annual American Family Survey explores all of these trends and more, asking what happened to relationships and which institutions made the biggest difference for families in the past year.

The survey is a joint project of the Deseret News and the Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy at BYU. Conducted by YouGov, it explores relationships, culture, attitudes, finances, education and faith with one of the largest, most in-depth public opinion polls of its kind, detailing how partisan politics impacted American families and how men and women sometimes see things differently. This year, the survey also explored issues surrounding race and policing.

Today at 11 a.m. MDT, Deseret News Executive Editor Doug Wilks will introduce the survey for a panel discussion hosted by the American Enterprise Institute and moderated by Karlyn Bowman, a senior fellow there. Study co-investigators Christopher F. Karpowitz and Jeremy C. Pope, who co-direct the center at Brigham Young University, will explore some of the findings and what the survey has shown over time.

Panelists include Marcia J. Carlson, professor of sociology at University of Wisconsin-Madison; Richard V. Reeves, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution; and W. Bradford Wilcox, nonresident senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

You can watch the discussion and submit questions here during the video livestream.

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