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Aljur Abrenica’s son Alas comforts mom Kylie Padilla

Kylie Padilla and son Alas (Instagram)

There’s no bond on earth that is as selfless and beautiful as a mother and her child.

Take the case of Kylie Padilla and her son, Alas.

On Instagram Oct. 23, it seems like Alas comforted his mom Kylie, who is now in the middle of a controversy, involving her separation with husband Aljur. Unconfirmed reports said that a third party caused the split.

Kylie shared emotional photos with Alas as she wrote:

“So I was meditating by the fire and Alas came to sit beside me.

“What are you doing, mama?” He asked me.

Kylie bonds with Alas

“Meditate lng si mama anak.” I answered.

“To my surprise, he cupped his hands and he said,

“Meditate tayo mama.”

“My heart was touched. I think my meditation worked as soon as he sat beside me. I’m so happy he is picking up the habit My heart is full.”

Aljur and Kylie have two kids Alas and Axl Romeo.





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