Ant McPartlin opens up on two-year addiction battle in honest chat with the Duchess of Cambridge

Ant McPartlin has opened up about his personal battles with addiction at a special event with the Duchess of Cambridge today.

And and best pal and fellow presenter Declan Donnelly joined Kate Middleton to help launch the Talking Action campaign for the Forward Trust today.

Dec talked to Kate Middleton about how opening up to his friends about his drug and alcohol addiction made his problems “disappear”.

The TV presenter said: “By the time I asked for help, it was bad, but as soon as you opened up to people, problems have got to disappear.

“It gets better and help is there.”

Ant struggled with a painkiller addiction for over two years after a knee operation in 2015.

Kate Middleton, Ant and Dec speaking to each other during the Forward Trust event today.
Kate Middleton, Ant and Dec attended an event to improve awareness and understand of addiction.

In 2018, he entered rehab after crashing a car whilst driving with a blood alcohol level double that of the limit.

Ant and Dec hosted the ‘Taking Action on Addiction’ campaign launch at the Bafta headquarters in London.

The Duchess of Cambridge, patron of the Forward Trust, made a keynote speech.

She called for compassion for people struggling with addiction, saying: “Addiction is not a choice. No one chooses to become an addict. But it can happen to any one of us. None of us are immune.

“Yet it’s all too rarely discussed as a serious mental health condition. And seldom do we take the time to uncover and fully understand its fundamental root causes.

Ant and Dec speaking on stage.
Ant and Dec hosted the new ‘Taking Action on Addiction’ campaign

“The journey towards addiction is often multi-layered and complex. But, by recognising what lies beneath addiction, we can help remove the taboo and shame that sadly surrounds it.”

“As a society, we need to start from a position of compassion and empathy. Where we nurture those around us, understand their journey, and what has come before them.

“We need to value and prioritise care and support, helping to restore and connect individuals who are clearly suffering, to the people around them.

Kate Middleton walking in a candid photo. She is wearing a red full sleeve dress.
The Duchess called for compassion and ending the stigma of addiction

“That is why I am so passionate about the work of The Forward Trust, an organisation I am so proud to be patron of.

“This is the work that you, and many other charities, provide day in, day out. And it is needed now, more than ever.”

The Forward Trust is a charity empowering people to break the cycles of addiction or crime to move forward with their lives.

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