Buffalo Chicken Dip Chips Are Here from Lay’s — Here’s What You Can Expect

When I first heard that Lay’s was releasing a new variety of their Kettle Cooked chips, I was immediately intrigued. Not that I consider myself to be a chip connoisseur of any sorts, but I’d like to believe that I can decipher what makes a chip fall under the category of being considered “good.” Though crunch and size are definitely two of my deciding factors, the main thing I look for is flavor. So, when I found out that the new variety would be Buffalo Chicken Dip, I just knew I was headed for a good time.

The chips, which are exclusively available at Subway and offered in 1.375-ounce bags, were released as a part of the brand’s Tailgate Faves lineup, and are a limited-time offering right in time for your tailgate and watch-party pleasures.

Now, I — like many — love a good tailgate party that includes Buffalo chicken dip, so naturally, I was all for giving this taste test a go. I mean, what better way to get a two-for-one deal for under $2 than this? So, I headed to a nearby Subway to pick up a bag of the chips to see if they were as delicious as my mind told me they would be.

After picking them up from Subway, my opinion of the chips had already been swayed a bit because the cashier warned me that they were lacking in flavor. Still, I tried to remain optimistic about my purchase. Once I got home and talked myself into popping open the bag, the first thing I did was smell them. Expecting to get a huge whiff of Buffalo chicken dip, I was immediately disappointed as the bag did not carry the intense smell I was hoping for. To be honest, the initial smell kind of reminded me of cheese, and then after a few more sniffs, the Buffalo chicken dip smell begin to kick in.

Appearance-wise, the chips were what I expected. Donning an orange hue similar to the colors on the outside of the bag, that is one thing that turned out as expected for this taste test. Finally, I was ready to dig into my bag and see if the cashier’s interpretation of the chips was destined to be mine, too.

After taking one chip out of the bag and giving it one last final sniff, I popped one into my mouth for the final verdict. Immediately, I was met with the same thought that the cashier at Subway must have had upon her first try: There’s not enough flavor packed into this bag.

Although there was some sense of Buffalo chicken dip flavoring in there somewhere, in my honest opinion, there wasn’t enough. My hope, however, is that I just happened to get a bag that was a little short on the seasoning. For some people though, this bag might have just the right amount of flavoring in every bite. It’s all about how your palate likes to be pleased.

Ultimately, I probably wouldn’t choose to have this particular flavor of chips on the side of a sub or sandwich, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick up a bag to test out yourself. Who knows, you may get one filled with the flavor that mine was missing!

Ni’Kesia Pannell

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