Calgary bookstore bat saved by Alberta wildlife group


A tiny and cold bat discovered roosting outside a Calgary bookstore this weekend is recovering just fine thanks to an Alberta wildlife group. 

The Little Brown Myotis bat was spotted sleeping on the door of The Next Page in Inglewood. 

A picture on Twitter shows a hand-made sign attached to the business’s door warning people to opening it carefully “as there is a bat sleeping on it.” 

Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation (AIWC) said it was dispatched to rescue the bat, which was too cold to fly. 

“Single bats found roosting during the day in exposed places may need help,” Alberta Bats explained on Twitter. 

Volunteers brought the little bat back to AIWC’s centre in the hamlet of Madden. 

After assessing him, staff found the bat was in good health. 

Despite this, AIWC said it will be keeping the bat for now because staff don’t know where it hibernates and are concerned about its ability to access food. 

“He will spend the winter at AIWC and be returned to the wild in the spring,” a news release said. 

The wildlife group said it’s happy it could offer the bat the help it needed. 

“Thank you to The Next Page bookstore in Calgary, Ab. For taking steps to protect this little guy,” Alberta Bats said.

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