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Perry Escano (right) and the cast of ‘Caught In The Act’

All eyes are on the movie “Caught In The Act” which is the first Filipino film to be shown in theaters after 21 months of its closure due to the pandemic. It will be shown on Dec. 15.

At the press conference for the movie, Perry Escaño, director of the film, said he is both pressured and confident about the movie which is presented by MPJ Entertainment Productions and Golden Brilliance.

“Pressured ako kasi lahat sa akin nakatingin. Ano ba ang meron sa ‘Caught In The Act’ na dapat abangan? Confident naman ako kasi okay yung materials. Pinaglaanan ko talaga ito ng oras. Nag-edit ako at positve naman ang mga review. Puwedeng puwede ito sa lahat, pati na sa adults and seniors,” said Perry.

“Caught In The Act” was intended for this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival. However, the film didn’t make the festival’s cut.

Andi Abaya, one of the stars of the movie, said she wasn’t really disappointed when “Caught” missed the MMFF.

“I wasn’t really disappointed or anything. I didn’t feel anything negative nang hindi kami nakapasok. Inisip ko na lang po maybe this year isn’t the year muna. Hindi para sa amin ito. I know naman that the whole team of ‘Caught In The Act’ really did their best, they gave their all. Buong puso talaga namin pinaghirapan ang pelikulang ito. Nang matapos namin ang pelikulang ito, I am beyond proud with each and everyone na parte sa project na ito,” said Andi.

Andi Abaya

When asked if she looked forward to the Parade of Stars, Andi said: “I never really thought of that because when I was younger, I never imagined myself being in this industry. But I was really excited when I found out they will submit the movie to the MMFF. And hopefully, in the future, I will get that opportunity na isa sa mga pelikula ko ay mapapasama sa Metro Manila Film Festival.”

“Yorme: The Musical” was scheduled to be the first Filipino movie to be shown after lockdown. But the producers decided to push its playdate in January 2022.

Joaquin Domagoso, son of Manila Mayor Isko Moreno, said that he’s happy that “Caught” will be finally shown. “I’m glad na makakalabas na yung movie namin. I’m happy na ipapalabas na rin ang movie ng papa ko.”

Joaquin Domagoso

In the movie, Andi and Joaquin portray senior high school students who invent a new mobile app called “Caught in the Act,” a crime-stopping app that allows people to report crimes.

Also in the movie are: Karel Marquez, Lance Raymundo, Shido Roxas, John Gabriel, Toni Co, EJ Panganiban, Roy Sotero, Ella Sheen, Jiana Aurigue, Edna Hernandez, Josh Lichtenberg, Bamboo B. and Jhassy Cruz Busran.

The movie is written and directed by Perry Escaño. Its executive producers are Josie Paynor, Reagan Romero, and JCB Production.

“Caught in the Act” depicts how talented Filipinos are when it comes to the invention and creation of advanced technology. The film promotes good Filipino traits like not giving up on trials and adversities of life, being very hardworking, responsible, hopeful in achieving their dreams in life,” Escaño said.

“Most Filipinos nowadays – especially the millennial generation — are into social media, it is also awareness to everyone that App nowadays is a faster and easiest version of a site to interact and connect. These apps are companions for today’s social life. They are literally very significant in our daily lives, especially on emergency matters like what will be seen in this film,” he said.

The movie tells the story of a group of senior high school students who invent a new mobile app and call it “Caught in the Act” as part of their school project.

The crime-stopping app allows onlookers to report crimes happening in their campus and in their community. While testing the app, they get to witness a crime committed by a syndicate.

The app effectively sends a report about the ongoing crime to the authorities. However, the first person to receive it is the head of the police, who protects the syndicate.

As the syndicate group tries to cover its tracks, the innocent teenagers now have to decide whether to run away because they are being hunted or face their tormentors head-on.





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