Clarksville street signs asks drivers to use more caution

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – New street signs provided by the Tennessee Highway Safety Office are encouraging motorists to use more caution on the roadway.

Clarksville Police Department installed the new pedestrian safety signs all over the city of Clarksville reminding both pedestrians and motorists to use more caution at roadway crossings. 

Just this year, Clarksville has had 33 pedestrian versus vehicle crashes. Three of those crashes were fatal and 29 resulted in injuries, according to a release by the City of Clarksville. 

Over the previous five years, report records show that 198 people were injured and 16 were killed in pedestrian versus vehicle crashes in Clarksville.

  • Clarksville Pedestrian safety sign

The new signs ask that motorists stay alert and slow down while also asking pedestrians to know the appropriate areas to cross roadways. 

The city encourages pedestrians to only cross the roadway at crosswalks, crosswalk intersections, wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight to make themselves more visible. 

In a statement, the Clarksville police said they will continue to post the new signs as a safety reminder for drivers and pedestrians to reduce the number of people killed or injured in crashes in the Clarksville area. 

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