Cloudy skies, light rainfall, ‘moderate’ AQI for Delhi on Sunday

Cloudy skies with the possibility of light rainfall and thundershowers are on the forecast for Delhi-NCR on Sunday.

The maximum temperature could stand at 30 degree Celsius, and the minimum at 19 degree Celsius, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) forecast says.

Though light rainfall had been on the forecast for Saturday as well, the Safdarjung weather observatory, which provides representative data for the city, remained dry.

The upcoming week is likely to see mostly clear skies and the maximum temperature hovering around 31 and 32 degree Celsius. Towards the end of the week, the minimum temperature could drop to around 15 degree Celsius, going by the IMD’s seven-day forecast. The minimum temperature has mostly remained above 15 degree Celsius so far – the minimum recorded on Saturday was 19 degree Celsius, two degrees above the normal.

The Air Quality Index on Saturday, according to the Central Pollution Control Board’s 24-hour average, was in the ‘moderate’ category at 173, with PM10 being the prominent pollutant.

The Air Quality Early Warning System for Delhi said in an update on Sunday that the AQI is likely to remain in the ‘moderate’ to ‘satisfactory’ category on the day. It is likely to remain in the ‘moderate’ category for the next two days as well. The contribution of crop residue burning to PM2.5 levels is likely to be negligible on Sunday, since the wind direction, mostly from the southeast direction, is not favourable to transport pollutants.

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