Delhi: Cops call man to police station ‘without giving reasons’, court orders action against them

A Delhi court recently ordered action against two cops after a man from northeast Delhi claimed that they had been asking him to visit Seelampur police station without giving any reasons.

Special Judge Sunil Chaudhary ordered the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) to take appropriate action against the two officers involved in the incident, stating that there was non-compliance with the directions of superior officers. The court noted that their conduct had “created fear in the mind of the applicant”.

The applicant had stated that on October 31, beat officer Vikas Kumar had visited his house. The officer asked his wife to send him to the police station. However, he did not give any reason as to why he was being called.

The court was also informed that so far, no case has been registered against the applicant.

The court observed that on an earlier occasion, it had brought to the knowledge of DCP North-East about the visits made by police officials to the houses of people and not disclosing the purpose of such visits.

The court was apprised by the DCP that a circular has been issued in this regard asking ACPs and SHOs to sensitize police officials.

The court noted that in its reply filed by the police, “there is no whisper” about the compliance of directions of the notice of the DCP and the conduct of police officers “created fear in the mind of applicant about his arrest and forced him to approach this court incurring expenses”.

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