Double standards, corruption in Maharashtra govt’s Covid policies: Devendra Fadnavis

The MVA government’s Covid-19 policies are ridden with corruption, Opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis alleged on Monday.

Speaking on last week’s proposal in the Assembly, Fadnavis said, “The MVA has adopted double standards when it comes to implementing Covid-19 guidelines. There is lockdown for temples, Mantralaya, public places and development projects. But when it comes to weddings in ministers’ families, political rallies and meetings of MVA, and liquor bars, there is no Covid 19.”

Pointing to alleged corruption in Covid centres and procurement of equipment, Fadnavis said, “A mask of Rs 18 was purchased for Rs 370. PPE kits of Rs 400 were bought for Rs 2,000. And ventilators of Rs 5 lakh for Rs 18 lakh. There was huge corruption which went unquestioned by the government.” He added, “The corruption is not confined to any one sector. Take a case of rural development department, which issued Rs 1,500 crore contract. The contract was awarded for 10 years till GST continues in the country. Now, which government issues such a contract condition? This is blatantly done to accommodate companies of their choice.”

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