Engineering education in local languages will be instrument of empowerment: Education minister

Engineering education in local languages and mother tongue will be an instrument of empowerment, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said on Monday.

Addressing the valedictory session of the 36th Indian Engineering Congress organised by the Institution of Engineers, India (IEI), Pradhan said, “India has been a land of people with a scientific temper and robust engineering capabilities and our civilisational history has scientific evidence of structural engineering, water management, maritime engineering etc.”

“With the implementation of the visionary NEP 2020, we are integrating education with skills, taking a multi-disciplinary approach and making skilling and apprenticeship a part of the main curriculum to prepare our youth for the 21st century.

“Introduction of engineering education in local languages and mother tongue, in line with the National Education Policy 2020, will be an instrument of empowerment for our youth and will further strengthen our engineering prowess,” he added.

The Union minister asserted that engineering education should not be restricted to the awarding of degrees and said “we must collectively work towards removing language barriers in the learning process and building capacity of our engineering community”.

“IEI must endeavour in further strengthening India’s engineering capacity by innovating, knowledge sharing by its members and creating new paradigms of employability and entrepreneurship,” he added. 

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