Ewan McGregor’s daughter Clara opens up on addiction to prescription drugs

Clara McGregor, daughter of Trainspotting star Ewan McGregor, has revealed she battled painkiller addiction.

The 25-year-old had been taking Xanax which had been legally prescribed by doctors for her crippling anxiety.

The model has opened up on her addiction, after admitting her boyfriend and family noticed she ‘wasn’t herself’.

Clara has battled anxiety since childhood but said she became reliant on the prescription medication as an adult, and would regularly experience extreme fear, memory loss and be drained of energy.

Now three years after overcoming her addiction, the actress and film producer is beyond proud to be the new face of Bluebella Lingerie’s Autumn Winter 21 campaign.

According to The Mirror, Clara was named as the global ambassador for Bluebella and opened up about her life during a photo-shoot at a house in Battersea, south London for the brand’s Autumn Winter 2021 collection, which launches on October 14th.

Clara who lives in New York with film producer Jimmy Giannopoulo said: “I simply couldn’t have done this campaign before. To jump on a plane and meet new people and shoot a lingerie campaign. Anxiety is suffocating and you just end up limiting yourself, it makes your life a lot smaller.

”I’m 25 now and I’ve spent a lot of time working on it with therapy, but it’s only in the last three to four years that I feel less constricted by it. My sister Esther and my mum are a great help. If I’m going through it, it often helps just to talk through it with them.

Clara, 25, an actress and film producer is the new face of Bluebella Lingerie’s Autumn Winter 21 campaign
Clara, 25, an actress and film producer is the new face of Bluebella Lingerie’s Autumn Winter 21 campaign

Clara chose to do the Bluebella shoot because of the London brand’s stance on LGBTQ+ rights. They were the first lingerie brand to use trans models in their campaigns.

She said: “I think it’s really important to acknowledge trans women and that is something that I’ve seen Bluebella do, along with other members of the LGBT+ community. I’m bisexual myself so I’m always wanting to work with them because they have represented the LGBT+ community and they are open to all walks of life and different people.

“I chose to do the Bluebella campaign because the brand is run by women and their lingerie is made for women and not made for them to please their partners, or made for the male gaze, and they are the most beautiful lingerie I’ve ever seen. All their pictures show women in a position of power, never submissive and so if I was ever going to do a lingerie campaign it was going to be with them.”

Clara suffered from chronic anxiety from the age of four and was later prescribed tranquillisers and over time increased her usage and dependency on them.

Clara revealed how growing up the daughter of Star Wars star Ewan was a pretty normal childhood
Clara revealed how growing up the daughter of Star Wars star Ewan was a pretty normal childhood

She revealed: “I would have panic attacks and had problems sleeping. I would burst out crying and it was intense, and I didn’t know what it meant.

”I had separation anxiety from my parents, I had general anxieties and fears, usually little kid things like being scared of the dark, but mine were more extreme. I was scared of people breaking into the house. Mum and dad were amazing, they had to do a lot of research to figure out the best way to help me.

“Around four years ago my family and my partner Jimmy spotted that things were getting out of hand;, they said, “you’re just not yourself anymore”.

Ewan McGregor and eldest daughter Clara

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”When I was on Xanax I had no energy, and I would start forgetting things. That’s the scary thing, I would forget whole chunks of days. It was incredibly hard for me to get off them, but I didn’t want to be in that space anymore and would never consider taking one again.”

Clara currently lives with Jimmy, and Murphy their dog, a Chihuahua, pincher, terrier mix. She says that Jimmy is definitely “the one”, but that it’s too early for them to be thinking about starting a family.

She is due to start shooting a film with her father next month (November 2021) in California about a dad taking his drug addicted daughter to rehab.

“My father is playing my father in the film, and it’s a road trip film and it’s something that was very loosely inspired off of our relationship,” she said.

”There is nothing you’re going to see in the movie and the characters that has anything to do with us, but I’ve taken certain emotional concepts and the concept of addiction and family bonding and some of the issues that my dad and I dealt with and I put it on to these other characters in a different world in different situations.”

Clara also revealed how growing up the daughter of Star Wars star Ewan was a pretty normal childhood.

She was born in London and then they moved to Los Angeles when she was 12.

“He sheltered us very much from the public eye, this was his world, his career and we didn’t have anything to do with that, and rightfully so. The only thing I had to deal with was kids at school saying, “Your dad’s Obi Wan Kenobi,” and that was fine, and I wasn’t thrown into the public eye before I had my own decision to put myself there. It was a pretty normal childhood, and it wasn’t all Hollywood and red carpets.”

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