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How do you become a financial advisor? Or if you’re already in the financial planning industry, what are the best ways to attract new clients and grow your business?


How can you prepare for and stay in compliance with new regulations? And if you’re an individual looking for help with your personal finances and retirement planning, how can you find the best financial advisor for your needs?

Through the Financial Advisor Briefing column, written specifically for industry professionals, to regular coverage of retirement planning and personal finances, you’ll find answers to those questions in Investor’s Business Daily.

You’ll also find ongoing coverage of the Best ETFs and the Best Mutual Funds, as well as analysis of the latest economic news and how it impacts the stock market.

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Best ETFs

Zoom Video conference callre stock
Popular Pandemic Stocks Lose Even More ZoomLooks like pandemic stock plays and related ETFs could use a booster shot. They’re suffering mightily this year as investors shift more aggressively toward the economy’s reopening. Shares of pandemic darlings Zoom… Read More
ETF Investing VideosExchange traded funds are growing in their prominence in investor portfolios. ETF inflows hit an all-time high of $476.1 billion in 2017, up from $287.5 billion in 2016. And experts expect this… Read More
Tesla race
Tesla Stock Faces A $213 Billion ChallengeIt’s easier to be exceptional, like Tesla stock, when you’re the only choice. But now Tesla faces tougher competition among investors, including those managing ETFs looking for exposure to electric vehicles. Practically… Read More
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How To Invest In The Stock Market

What Is A Follow-Through Day?IBD’s vocabulary can be difficult for the rookie investor to grasp. One term that comes up fairly regularly is “follow-through day.” What is a follow-through day? First, a little background. The start… Read More
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What It Takes To Become A Financial Advisor

More Americans are adopting a do-it-yourself view when it comes to professional services. But financial advisors are riding a wave of consumer demand. That’s because busy workers, as well as the newly retired, crave holistic financial planning that extends beyond stock picking and portfolio management. Clients also want estate planning, tax planning and advice on prudent spending and saving. So it behooves those learning the ropes on how to become a financial advisor to take heed.

As a whole, the financial advisory industry is shrinking. The total number of advisors fell 1% to 2% in recent years, but the number of advisors who earn their certified financial planner (CFP) credential has soared by nearly 50% since 2007. This shows that holistic planning is gaining traction. And people seek CFPs with a well-rounded approach to helping clients navigate their financial lives. Continue Reading


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