Gerard Butler and Alfredo Morelos spotted in Scots nightclub posing together

Hollywood actor Gerard Butler returned back to his hometown of Glasgow this weekend and popped into a local nightclub for a Saturday night boogie.

While he hasn’t posted anything on his personal social media pages saying he has returned, it seems he was in the Capital yesterday afternoon at Murrayfield enjoying the rugby but returned back to Glasgow to Sanctuary nightclub in the evening.

And it’s likely when you’re a huge Hollywood actor that many fans will stop and ask for a photo, but one fan on this occasion was no other than Ranger’s footballer Alfredo Morelos who posted a picture with him on social media.

On his Instagram, Morelos simply tagged him in the snap.

The pair smiled for the camera and gave a thumbs up.

The 52-year-old, originally from Paisley appeared to be dressed for the typical Scottish weather as he wore a cap and a heavy leather jacket.

Morelos posted the snap online.

But one Twitter user couldn’t believe his eyes as he spotted the unlikely duo on Morelos’ Instagram page.

He wrote: “Someone tell me this isny Morelos wae Gerard Butler in Sanctuary.”

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It seems that Glasgow has been quite the place for celeb spotting this weather as just last week, Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted in a pub in Maryhill and Harry Potter actress Emma Watson popped into a community centre as they both visited the city for COP26.

Who is the most famous celeb you have met in Glasgow?

Let us know in the comments!

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