Heartbroken George Michael died because his lover passed away, friend fears

George Michael’s childhood friend has told how he believes the singer would still be alive if his lover had not died.

Andros Georgiou yesterday marked the fifth anniversary of the pop star’s death.

George was found dead, aged 53, on Christmas Day 2016 at his home in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

Andros Georgiou was one of George’s closest childhood friends.

He believes that if the star’s boyfriend Anselmo Feleppa had not contracted Aids and died, George would still be alive today.

His song Jesus To A Child was a tribute to lover Anselmo, a Brazilian dress designer who died in 1993, a year into their relationship, aged 33.

Anselmo Feleppa was George Michael’s lover.

Andros said: “After Anselmo, he didn’t find real love.

“He had a lot of sex and met lots of people but he never found what he had with Anselmo.

“I saw how happy they were together. I think he was quite lost after Anselmo died – it hit him hard.”

Andros spent much of his youth touring with George and their families would spend Christmas together.

George was also godfather to Andros’s son James Kennedy, 28, now a reality TV star in the US.

Yesterday Andros marked the death of his beloved friend by hosting a show on LCRFM, playing all his hits.

Andros added: “This time of year is always incredibly hard for me.

“But I did a radio show and played his hits.

“Hearing Last Christmas is painful but I wanted to remember him and reach out to his fans to show he isn’t forgotten.”

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George and Andros had fallen out in the decade before the singer’s death.

Andros, 59, has always regretted not properly healing their rift before he died.

He added: “That hurts the most, that I didn’t get to say goodbye.”

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