How much do you know about pasta? Take the quiz to find out | Intensely Italian

1.Where did pasta originate?

2.According to legend, spaghetti carbonara was created by chef Renato Gualandi – in what circumstances?

3.From scratch, how is durum wheat pasta made?

4.What is the UK’s favourite type of pasta?

5.What does it mean when your pasta is al dente?

6.When is conchiglie rigate traditionally recommended?

7.Excluding pasta, seasoning and oil, what three ingredients do you need to make penne arrabbiata?

8.How much spaghetti is produced per day, by the world’s largest dried pasta factory?

9.What kind of pasta shape features in this 1931 Barilla pasta advert?

10.Pasta maths time! What sum tells you how many pasta varieties there are?

To find out more about Barilla and to learn about pasta shapes, visit For traditional recipes and pasta-cooking inspiration, try

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