IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Dec. 27, 2021

Good Morning. Ed Carson’s Market Overview detailed … “Meanwhile Tradeweb Markets (TW), ArcBest (ARCB), Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), West Pharmaceutical Services (WST) and Google stock all are actionable now.” Been looking at the Trendline Breakout Entry for AMD but do not currently own it. Can you provide me a link to the Trendline Buy rules? Thought this pattern would have been a point to ADD exposure if I were to already have a position in the stock.Here’s the link for trendline breaks: is Harold coming back?Mid-January I believe!Happy Monday Ali! Nice to see you and Irusha, Ed and Ken!Good morning, Scott!I feel like the plane safety announcments have been made todayHa!Ali, Sorry your Ponies aren’t going bowlingSame here!Nice to have you back, Ali!! I wanted to request the link to IBD Live to be easier to access from the home page of on the mobile phone. Thanks!Nice to be back, Anita! I’ll pass this along to our product team. Thanks!Good morning! Haven’t seen Harold Morris lately, is he still with you guys?Yes, coming back in mid-Jan!5 stocks in leaderboard. Are they full positions? % invested please.If you visit this link, then click on the article at the top, it’ll have a chart near the bottom that details the various positions.$ARCB — Gap UP — +5.94% — Strong early volume +1,519%live answeredARCB, DHR, ALC, TWlive answeredCould the team start talkiing about levels to watch today in answeredIf DDOG gets over the 12/9 high is it worth a look or a nibble? Looks like the 10, 21 ma’s are getting tight and moving above the 50 dayDec. 9 high seems important.How has leaderboard done for the year so far?If you visit this link, then click on the article at the top, it’ll have a chart near the bottom that details the various positions and their performance so far.ARCB b/olive answered$ ARCB — Up 21.4% in the last 4 plus trading days, which makes it a challenge to puchase at this price. Currently up +8.02%live answeredARCB up 8%live answeredKLAC at NH, last point of resistancelive answeredARCB cup too deep?live answeredarcb vol is already 25% of daily avglive answeredSee weekly chart on ARCB for alternative buy answeredWhat if you’re at zero exposure? Start a TQQQ position??live answeredNVDA crossing DT Linelive answeredNVDA – Isn’t that a pretty steep trendline?live answeredAny thoughts on KLAC?live answeredIrusha mentioned 7% extended from a MA, but I missed from what moving average it was. Could you please lmk which one he mentioned. Thanks50 dayWhere can I find the Ready List? Very confusingClick on the link next to each day’s archived episode at that says “edited Q&A and two key stock lists” — scroll down below the Q&A to see the lists 🙂Should UNH have a blue dot ?The blue dot goes for stocks *in bases/breaking out* with RS line at new high.Leader board stock ANET performing well this morning RS line looking great. Commentlive answeredMarketSmith mobile apps say “chart not available” too many timesPassing this along to our tech teamIs ANET extended or can you take a small position?It’s extended nowSorry I joined a little late this am. Was Friday considered a FTD?No. But we were already in an uptrend thanks to the S&P 500 rally staying alive. S&P 500 hit a closing high on Thu while the Nasdaq clearly broke above a trend line.Sorry meant DEC 31stAh, that makes more sense. Maybe so.What about MSFT as a LT Leader?It is! 🙂Can the team comment on initiating a small postion at FB (Meta)live answeredRBLX not standing stilllive answeredIDXX just cleared a trend line??live answeredEd, Is there a link that shows all the “New America” articles? trying to answeredIrusha – TTD ?live answeredHow do we get the Excel spreadsheet that we are seeing.We’ve linked it at for you to download!Is Tesla approaching buy point 1115?Definitely getting to that trend line.OLPX?live answeredFor the unbiased people on the panel, of the 2 products ST and LB, which one is the better one suited best for the market?It depends on your trading style. If your personality is all about early entries and taking quick gains/losses then ST. If you want to try to hold stocks longer for bigger moves and use our position trade buy and sell rules, then LB!PG – Irusha, Oct 2018 it started a similar run…perfect. makes sense when the market had the big selloff there. thanks.HNST = Alba’s company and boy it’s not looking strong since it’s IPOThat’s the truth.RDWR breaking outlive answeredvnqlive answeredCRSPlive answeredPTSI?live answeredsitmlive answereddpzlive answeredMRVLlive answeredQCOMlive answeredinvelive answeredBOXlive answeredCDWlive answeredABBVlive answeredBOXlive answeredntrlive answered????? Ali – I found IBD Live and Ready List in MS under Reports/Stocks, so we don’t have to copy and paste every day. It is such a nice feature and how come you don’t mention that in QA or on the show ?????????? Am I missing something ?Wanted to make sure that feature is working right.GM! What are your thoughts on ALGM? tyiaNear a buy point – esp. if you ignore that recent negative reversal day.SI pleaseBitcoin rallying, so Bitcoin/crypto stocks are doing well today.Did Ali say Charles is on Friday?Dec. 30

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