IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For Oct. 8, 2021

To the Team – having a wonderful Friday am with the best Investment Team in the world! (from Mpls)Happy Friday, all!Good morning from Boston. Very clever song choice.Mornin! I’m not usually as clever as Ed, but I figured this one was fitting!Good morning!! Tay Tay?U kno itI’m sitting on my hands with this market… but I hate sitting on hands ;But it’s a lot better than chopping up your portfolio in a volatile market.Good Morning from Portland. Yah, cool song choice!Morning Allen. We’re having Portland weather here in LA. Gray, drizzly. Love it.Ticker of the day SWFT. Had to shazam that oneI wouldn’t have known it if Ali had not told me.Why are there non Distribution Days on the IBD websites? Is it because we are in the Correction?Exactly.Matt is a great guest. I like his style of trading.He’s sharp. I agree.He forgot to say TREETicker is LCChris, is there a way, on the MarketSmth website, to view a stock’s Daily, Weekly, Monthly charts on one screen like on the new IPad app? This is a great feature.I’ve asked the product team to create that feature. Not sure if it’s in the queue yet.What symbols?LC, AMDWhat’s the stock for today sorry I have a bad reception while drivingLC, AMDCan you comment on when to buy an index etf like QQQ or TQQQ, and do you go right in with a full position?When the market was oversold on Monday you can make short term plays on the indexes. But for opening a position trade, I would want to see a follow through and/or the indexes retaking their 50-day lines.Are we on watch for a FTD today?live answeredIs US selling coal to China?I believe so. China has limited imports from Australia and cut tariffs on U.S. coal. Here’s our a1 story on coal. reversals yesterday, probably the worst I saw was MNDY. Hoping to discuss? Some others not as bad were UPST, TGH, SE. Some still had small gains answeredWatched the snippet on buying off the 20 day line. When Chris referred to 7% above the line was it because of the usual 7% stop or it happened to be 7%? Can you review that? Thanks.I will size my positions off of moving averages such as the 21-day or 50-day. In a good market I may risk up to 1% of my portfolio on a trade. In a $100k portfolio that would be $1000. Divivde that by 7% or 0.07. That would give you a $14k position or 14% of your portfolio, which is fairly large. Adjust the dollars you want to risk to size your position.very excited to see Matt Caruso and the rest of you guysThanks Michael. Enjoy.What’s your take on GNRC ? Is it my eyesight or is it making a flat base on the weekly ?No base yet. Just consolidating below 10-week line. Looks like a tired stock to me after breakout from later-stage base in June.Any thoughts on SBLK, please?The weekly chart is a no-go for me. Look at the wide and loose trading…this week and prior three weeks. Too erratic.Where is the best place to look and see the New Highs and New Lows that Matt is referring to?It’s on MarketSmith by typing in NASDQ. At the bottom we show the 10-day moving average of new highs/lows. New highs have been trending lower, new lows trending higherI’m new. Is “follow thru day” a good thing?Yes! Take a look at this article: regards to buying Long Term Leaders do the buys need to be as technical?Here’s how we handle! – Any psychological advice regarding the fear of trading live and scaling away from the paper platform?Start small and as you rack up some winning trades you will gain confidence and can put more money to work. It’s a processs.Justin/Chris – interpretation of NASDQ U/D Volume postive vs NW/NL negative?While a correction is unfolding there is also a rotation into energy and financial stocks. There a lot of financials and oils, so that may explain why the up/down volume seems neutral while new lows are leading.Can we look at WMB oil…near pivot?Yes, but up 13 sessions out of 14. Needs to rest. The main caveat is that it’s a laggard in the group. Many stocks in the group have broken out already.ABNB acting well…test position?Only 3% above the 21-day, so you could start building a it possible to listen to the show from the mobile app?Yes. I think you just use your phone to launch the show from the IBD Live homepage.With the jobs numbers now there are ‘talks’ headlines of Fed slowing down the tapering, how do you see bonds yields today and financials?Well, the 10-year T-yield has moved up to just shy of 1.6%, back at overnight highs and highest levels since June.Hey folks…can you discuss the coal stocks (METC, CEIX, ARLP)?live answeredAEHR has really zoomed the last few days. I have a hard time chasing these stocks. What do you think of it?Super extended but the stock has completely changed character. Do you know what has changed in the business?What’s happening to SBLK ? Down 5%live answeredWhat does that mean? “Fear of trading live and scaling away from the paper platform?”I understood it to be making the transition to real money trades from paper trading.Is Matt using 20 da SMA? Or exponential?live answeredDOCS collapsing, gold and miners looking good any thoughs on the space, KL coming as a leader growing RS lineBad close for DOCS Thursday, extended losses today. KL’s Relative Strength of 59 gives me pause.Is SNOW setting up well?Sure is. Low-volume pullback to 10-week line. Having a great week but not much volume.RDSA working on 4th up on volume week. Is it getting rewarded for it’s move to a greener energy mix?Probably being rewarded for higher oil/natgas prices. Perhaps Shell is more-heavily exposed to natgas. I assume (but really don’t know) it’s more exposed to European energy markets, which have seen skyrocketing natgas prices.Can you comment on AFRM as welllive answeredAFRM?live answeredYour thoughts on the recent action on NET. Is the NET pattern a Bullest pattern or a V-shaped fakeout? What do you look for?live answeredNET (Cloudflare) new high during correction…watch for leadership as market improves? Thanks for all your help Matt!live answeredWhat a great explanation for high volume at previous high. Thanks for your insight, Mattlive answeredSHOP breaking a trendline with volume the last two answeredSE up 2% after Chris talked about it yesterday as a good set up. TY!We added to SwingTrader. I’d like to see break the downtrend.CFLT ?Making a solid stand at its 10-week line. Nice looking weekly chart.FYI, KL has proposed merger with Agnico Eagle Mines.Thanks Shari.IS ther a way to dial into the live show with only a phone, no internet? I’ll be doing some travelling where I will nnot have internet, but I may have use of a phone. Even if I had celluar internet, I’d kill my data plan in just a couple of IBDL shows. I know that Zoom can support dial in, but that seems to depend on if the show host toggles the phone call ability on or off. – – SO is it possible to dial into the live IBDL show with just a phone call?I think you can call in and turn off the video.Can you discuss the use of stop loss orders and strategies for using them in this tricky market? Would use of “stop limit on quote,” for example, possibly be a good means of avoiding being whipsawed?We rarely use stop orders. We use alerts and then see how the stock is trading. So often in uptrending markets stops will be triggered near the open and then the stock recovers and pushes higher. I find them to increase being whipsawed.thoughts on CARG?Slightly extended now but following through nicely after Thursday’s breakout. Not seeing much in the way of base breakouts at this point, but this one is working nicely so far.Greetings from Houston! If the market holds can I add to a ZS position later today?Great looking weekly chart. Top-notch fundamentals. Still could be in early stages of move.⚡️ASAN, TASK, MNDY, GLBEThought GLBE would be able to hold support at 10-week line but clearly not happening. ASAN, TASK acting…not a complaint….I can’t find the live page on the mobile phone app.. I called IBD they said to listen from your phone you have to use the website.go to from your phone’s web browserWhen Matt says we are later in the cycle does he believe we are ready for a longer term roll over in the general market?He’s still cautious definitely. Just waiting for a sign of strength in the major stock indexes, basically big percentage gains in higher volume.Great session so far… Invaluable insights shared by the entire panel. Ali, as usual, asking great questions.I’ll pass the comment along, thx much!Haven’t seen David the Hatman lately. When will he back?Monday. He’s on vacation.What stocks do you like Matt?LC, UPST, SOFI, BRKS, TECK are some he’s watching$NET breaking out to new highslive answeredSome thing can be bullish and V shaped. Just because it is bullish does not mean it is ready to buy. Bullish V shaped patters are prone to corrective action. Wait for corrective actionlive answeredI thought WON had a sell signal 0f 2wks down and 1wk up to NH is a sell answeredSHOP was recommended “buy” yesterday by Motley Foollive answeredWhen looking at “Open Stock Ideas” in Marketsmith should it currently be set to correction? Also is this a great time to find stocks using the RS Line Blue Dot ?Especially if the correction persists, the Blue Dot list is my favorite way to find the next crop of leaders.Justin is correct, DXCM CGMs being used by both leading insulin pump manufactureslive answeredIs there any particular reason that IBDL does not enable a phone number dial into the IBDL live show? Does Zoom charge more? I get it that the visual charts are important part of the show, but I’m thinking that audio-only is sometimes better than not being able to connect at all when travelling. Love the show – dont want to miss any if we can help it. 🙂It’s a security issue. We have to have our subscribers log in to view the show…. if we handed out a phone number, we could get people sneaking in who aren’t paying :/In MS is there a way to set an alert when a stock crosses a 21 or 50-day moving average?Put the stock in Smart Alerts and turn on the 21 and 50 day alerts. Not all of them will send you a visual or audio alert but you can go to My Alerts and see everything that is triggering.Great show! Love Matt – so bright! Hope you all have a great weekend!Thanks so much. And great to meet you in person last weekend.Just curious, is there a ryme or reason as to how the comments show up here in the Q&A? Doesn’t seem to be in chronological order ..They show up when answered, not when the question was posted.Exactly why I like a small position in Cathie Wood’s ARKG — let her educated team sort through all the risk-reward scenarios, and no gap down disastersARKG has been hard hit by its genomics holdings, TDOC, etc. But not a gap down.DrDave CAN dial into the show w his phone wo internet….I have done it before !live answered

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