Janey Godley shares cancer update after hospital scan

Janey Godley shared the latest news on her cancer fight following a morning hospital scan ahead of her planned hysterectomy.

The Scots comedian wanted fans to know how she was getting on after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer last month.

And Janey, who is due to go in for surgery in January, after her lifesaving operation was delayed following a positive Covid diagnosis two weeks ago, told her followers online she was off to hospital for her latest appointment.

She wrote: “Good morning, currently drinking a litre of water as I have a scan for ‘Bunty – the tumour with the humour’ this morning – love Scottish NHS.”

Janey drank plenty of water before her latest scan

Telly presenter Lorraine Kelly was among those who also wished luck ahead of the scan.

She retweeted Janey’s post and wrote: “Good luck with the scan @JaneyGodley – hope the NHS help you kick Bunty’s a**e.”

Janey has now filled her followers in on her appointment and she wrote online that she was awaiting results.

Staying positive she wrote: “Scan done – thank you NHS – hopefully ‘Bunty the Tumour with the Humour’ hasn’t got any bigger or twisted herself into a dangerous knot.”

The news comes after Janey decided to thanks the staff at Eusebi’s Deli for feeding her and keeping her spirits up during a horrible time.

Janey organised a flash mob with the Soul Nation choir to surprise her friend Giovanna Eusebi at the restaurant.

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