JNU Teachers’ Association demands inquiry into ‘cover up of financial wrongdoing’ by V-C

The Jawaharlal Nehru University Teachers’ Association (JNUTA) has demanded an inquiry on the “cover up of financial wrongdoing” by the Vice-Chancellor and that he be personally held responsible for the same. The demand has been made in context of a professor being suspended for alleged embezzlement of Rs 88 lakh.

V-C M Jagadesh Kumar did not respond to queries by The Indian Express on the matter.

As reported earlier, the decision was taken in an emergent Executive Council (EC) meeting called on September 30. “Despite the recommendations of the Fact-Finding Committee (FFC) for the institution of proceedings as per JNU rules, the JNU EC was advised that the inquiry and investigation against the charged persons be outsourced to the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) and to the Police. The EC has done so, without even examining whether such a matter falls within the CVC’s domain,” the JNUTA alleged in a press conference held Monday.

“There is also no legal justification for the EC treating a criminal complaint and a departmental inquiry as alternatives to each other. This sleight of hand attempted by the V-C’s compliant EC is nothing but a smokescreen designed to obscure the extent of the scandal, as it effectively ensures that the investigation process inside JNU does not go any further, even as the charged employees are denied due process,” it said.

JNUTA said while criminal cases were made out against identified JNU employees, there was “no process of identifying all fraudulent vendor companies which have allegedly received payments against forged bills and need to be criminally prosecuted”. They also alleged that except members of the administration, “no member of the JNU EC was allowed to see even a single page of the Fact-Finding Committee Report”.

They claimed the V-C had “violated the letter and spirit of the JNU Act by deliberately misleading the EC into taking a decision without being duly informed of the facts of the case”. “JNUTA, therefore, demands that an enquiry be instituted on the cover up of financial wrongdoing by the V-C and be personally held responsible under the command structure for dereliction of duties in managing the affairs of the university run on public funds,” they said.

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