Joseph Joseph Bamboo Knife Holder Product Review

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As a person who loves to cook, my knives rank high on the list of my favorite kitchen gear. Armed with a good knife, I know that I’ll be able to cut through anything — even a tough squash (I go through a lot of kabocha!). I have a smaller knife, which I love for slicing up smaller fruits. I have a bread knife, because, well, bread. And, well, I’ll stop there. As you might have been able to pick up: Knives are important to me. They’re indispensable and the things that I value highly in my small and modest kitchen.

Previously, I used to store my knives loose in a drawer, and I would stress about the thought of my knives being bashed, pushed, and bundled together when someone would go in there. I learned my lesson when I realized that the blade of one of my favorite Japanese-made knives was shamefully chipped from the continuous motion of hitting other utensils when the drawer would open and close. That’s when I swapped the knife for another and found the perfect solution. I welcomed a beautiful bamboo knife holder from Joseph Joseph into my home. 

What I absolutely love about the holder is that it is weighted, so that when you pull out your cutlery drawer, it doesn’t swish around and hit other tools. The bamboo holder has many other advantages, too. It safely organizes different knife sizes — cheese knives, bread knives, and, of course, my replacement (and chip-free) Japanese knife. The knives stay firmly in place and never hit one another — sitting snug in their little home. And it doesn’t take up any more space in my drawer compared to my old “system.”

Another big plus: This knife organizer just looks so good. My life in the kitchen feels calmer and less stress-y now that I have this bamboo knife holder.

How do you organize your most valuable knives? Tell us in the comments below.

Michelle Tchea


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