Lorraine Kelly hits out with sweary rant at husband and wife elephant hunters

Lorraine Kelly was left disgusted by a husband and wife team of elephant hunters calling them ‘sick’ for killing the beloved animals.

The breakfast telly presenter didn’t hold back after seeing an article about the couple in the US who proudly hunted elephants and celebrated killing them.

An article from the New Yorker showed Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association, chief Wayne LaPierre and his wife hunting elephants.

In the promo for the piece it says Wayne’s wife, Susan, kills an elephant, cuts off its tail, and holds it in the air. “Victory!” she shouts.

Lorraine said of the couple: “Utter utter T**ts

Others agreed and one followers said: “I sincerely do not understand what goes on in peoples minds. Today I’m going to kill an elephant for fun. How does that even enter your head. Sick.”

Another echoed: “”My sentiments exactly madam!”

Someone else said: :”Cruel nasty people.”

Actress Fay Ripley added: ‘This is deeply upsetting and disturbing.”

And Scots singer Callum Beattie chipped in: “Wouldn’t even call them human :(“

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