‘Makeup wipes are not cleansers’ and other skincare myths busted

During the pandemic while isolated at home, many people tried their hands at DIY skincare with tips and tricks borrowed from the internet.

While organic remedies, some even backed by Ayurveda, have been in practice for long, the variegated and sometimes split voices of the internet make for a confusing, and sometimes even dangerous, source of information when it comes to skincare.

And even though recent skincare trends point towards customers growing more research-savvy before trying on a new product or homemade skincare, only limited number of people consult dermatologists, believes Dr Kiran Sethi.

In her recent Instagram post, the expert wrote, “With easy access to the internet, people don’t feel the need to consult a professional anymore for their skin”. As such, she shared a list to bust some widely believed skincare myths that have their share of believers, thanks to the Internet.

She listed that “pores cannot open and close”, “oily skin can also be dehydrated”, and that “damage appearing on your skin now could be years old”.

It needs no retelling that SPF is one of the most important step of every skincare routine but there are myths and lies that hover around that as well. To clear those, Sethi wrote: “You need to re-apply SPF every two hours to four hours, and that SPF isn’t just for the beach.”

The doctor further added that “higher-priced products don’t equal to better results”, a misconception most people believe as a fact when it comes to skincare products. Lastly, she warned that “makeup wipes are not cleansers!”

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