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SUPPORTING extra financial producing initiatives in East Are’Are, Malaita Province is a technique of discouraging the present city drift felt in communities within the East Are’Are, says the Manawai group Chairman Frank Harahiru. 

Speaking throughout the official handing over of the Manawai Harbour Market constructing final week, Mr. Harahiru is asking on the present MARA authorities led by Premier Daniel Suidani to help extra financial producing initiatives in Ward 19. 

The Manawai group Chairman highlighted the next initiatives: 

Storage facility to help fishermen and water bottling from spring waters in East Are’Are as potential earnings producing initiatives that the MARA authorities ought to step in and help to make sure communities in East Are’Are profit from their pure sources. 

He mentioned on account of lack of earnings producing services in East Are’Are, youths have drifted out of their communities in seek for alternatives in city areas leading to an enormous city drift.

Not solely that, however he mentioned because of lack of alternatives to maintain youths busy in manful actions, youths have turned to consuming homebrew (Kwaso) which results in extra home points.

“I Appeal for the MARA government to support our community in terms of income generating projects.”

“Income generating projects discourage youths from urban drifting and involvement in substance abuse.”

“We want the MARA government to support us with storage facilities and water bottling from our natural spring waters.”

“While we are thankful for the handing over of the Manawai Harbour Market building project, we also want to let you know that this community also needs a community hall.”

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