Misen’s Extended Holiday Sale Includes Editor-Favorite Cutlery and Cookware

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In my search for the perfect Christmas gift for my mom and brother this year, I decided to gift them something splurge-worthy that would make their lives in the kitchen easier. I realized a chef’s knife would be the perfect pick, especially since they’re guaranteed to get a ton of use out of it. I turned to editor-favorite brand Misen, which has a reputation for carrying impressive blades — their versatile Chef’s Knife made it on Kitchn’s list of the best chef’s knives. It also just so happens to be one of our top direct-to-consumer brands of 2021!

While I was able to grab three knives at a steal (yes, I bought one for myself!), you can do the same by taking advantage of Misen’s huge extended holiday sitewide sale that’s happening right now. As an end-of-year treat, now through Dec. 31, Misen is offering 20 percent off your entire purchase when you use code TISTHEMISEN20 at checkout.

With a blade made from premium stainless steel and a smooth ergonomic handle, this knife feels instantly comfortable in your hand. What makes this an amazing chef’s knife for home cooks in particular is that Misen specifically designed it to replace entire knife sets. It features a hybrid Japanese- and German-style blade that they say can do nearly all of your kitchen cutting — and I’m already a believer! If you’re someone who has never been particularly fussed about which knife from the block you pick (like myself), this is the multipurpose blade for you.

The first time I used this knife, it slid so seamlessly into the tomato I was cutting, slicing right through without getting stuck on the skin and squishing it. I was so blown away that I called my roommate into the kitchen to show her! The knife has totally transformed my family’s kitchen prep routines. I’ve effortlessly split squashes in half, my mom has chopped nuts with no mess, and my brother has deftly minced garlic like a pro. This handy knife is ideal for cutting, slicing, chopping, and dicing tasks both big and small, whether you’re a home cook novice or you have years of experience.

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