‘My husband thinks he’s hilarious’: Unwanted Christmas gifts hit TradeMe

Hard-done-by Kiwis have wasted no time in ridding themselves of Christmas presents that missed the mark, with more than 4000 unwanted gifts already listed on TradeMe as of 8am on Boxing Day.

Among the “presents” was a washing line cord, which the disgruntled recipient revealed had been gifted to her by her husband.

“My husband thinks he’s hilarious and got me a washing line cord for my Xmas present, this is the second time he has done so as he thinks it’s so funny,” she explained in the listing.

They were so full of potential when they were beneath the Christmas tree. Now they’ve ended up on TradeMe.

Annie Spratt/Unsplash

They were so full of potential when they were beneath the Christmas tree. Now they’ve ended up on TradeMe.

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“Please bid so I can get something a little more meaningful for my children and me.”

Another TradeMe user was still being haunted by the unwanted gift of Christmas past, listing a watch they had received last year from a thoughtless ex.

“Ex put minimal thought or care into this gift, much like the relationship (I don’t wear watches),” they said.

“Has never been worn and been in box for last 12 months.”

The gag gift of a washing line didn't go down too well with the recipient.


The gag gift of a washing line didn’t go down too well with the recipient.

As Grinchy as their backstories may be, TradeMe spokesperson Ruby Topzand said many of the gifts were already in hot demand.

“As the saying goes, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure and every year we see hordes of Kiwis jump onsite to browse unwanted gifts on Boxing Day,” she said.

“Last year, we saw 46,000 searches for unwanted gifts in the first 24 hours following Christmas Day.”

TradeMe had recently surveyed more than 1500 Kiwis and found 49 per cent received at least one unwanted gift every Christmas.

But while only 8 per cent would admit to reselling them, the concept isn’t as frowned upon as you might expect.

“57 per cent of Kiwis told us they’d feel fine if they found out an item they had gifted someone had been onsold,” Topzand said.

”We reckon this comes down to our loved ones wanting us to get the most use out of the gifts they give us, even if that means trading it in for something that might be a better fit.”

Topzand said any Kiwis thinking about selling a disappointing present on TradeMe should make sure to tick the “unwanted gift” box when listing the item on the site.

“A fun backstory always goes down well, but if you’re trying to keep your reselling quiet, it’s a good idea to avoid making your listing identifiable in case the giver is hunting for a bargain on TradeMe too.”

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