nikhil kamath: ETMarkets Investors’ Guide: Why Nikhil Kamath doesn’t see cryptocurrency as big threat to equity

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The year 2021 is ending on a strong note, with largecap benchmarks Sensex and Nifty rising 19-21 per cent and smallcap indices over 55 per cent. FPI inflows were tepid but huge participation by retail investors and flow into mutual funds helped the domestic market deliver two years of back-to-back solid returns. The year also saw huge demand for cryptocurrencies as fixed income products failed to deliver investors enough returns to beat heightened inflation.

Amit Mudgill of caught up with Nikhil Kamath, Co-founder, True Beacon and Zerodha, to know whether cryptocurrencies are a threat to equities as an asset class. Apart from this, Kamath also talked about key learnings for retail investors, the likely impact of inflation on corporate earnings and how should investors position themselves going ahead.

Welcome to the show, Nikhil.

What was the biggest learning for Robinhood investors in 2021?

For most part of 2021, policy makers remained in denial mode. Now that inflation is rising, do you see a real risk of earnings downgrades? What lies ahead for the market in 2022?

Registered investor accounts now stand at nine crore. Is the TINA factor at play? What would happen if the interest rate starts reversing aggressively in 2022? Would there be the same level of retail excitement?

How big a threat is cryptocurrency to equity as an asset class?

What would be your advice to stock investors, who have burnt fingers in the recent fall?

Hedge funds are gaining popularity in India. What are your thoughts?

Thank you Mr Kamath. That’s all in this week’s special podcast. Do keep checking this space for more such interesting content and take time out to follow our market podcasts twice every day. Stay safe and Happy Weekend!

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