No leave for Punjab govt teachers wishing to fly abroad after summer vacations

The Punjab education department in its latest orders to the district education officers (DEOs) across the state has said that government school teachers who are applying for leave to fly abroad after summer vacations, should not be granted so.

Ordering DEOs to ensure that teachers go abroad for holidays or any other purpose only during summer or winter vacation, the letter further states that studies of children should not at all be compromised because of ex-India leave taken by the teachers.

The order issued by the assistant director (coordination) states that it has come to the notice of the department that many teachers are applying for leave to visit abroad to meet their children studying there or for holidays, but in coming months when the studies of children in schools will be at peak. So if the leave is granted, students will be at loss.

“Hence it should be should be ensured that teachers/other employees of the department, go abroad- either for holiday or to meet family members, only during summer/winter vacation,” reads the order.

In recent years, Punjab had been grappling with a unique issue of teachers taking Ex-India leave and flying abroad, and not returning for years.

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