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Consumer demand for organic food and beverages has accelerated and expanded beyond traditional dairy or produce to more food and beverage product options including plant-based foods, nutrition bars, keto snacks, granola, frozen desserts, bakery, kombucha and alcoholic beverages. The interest in more fruit, botanical, tropical and complex taste profiles as organic certifiable flavors is critical for the product developer. Flavor Producers has been the pioneer and leader in the creation of natural and organic flavors for over 40 years with the flexibility to create custom taste profiles that are trend-forward. The need for greater transparency is a parallel consumer driver linked to the demand for organic.

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To meet this demand, Flavor Producers has developed a variety of Transparent Technologies™ flavor tools that meet these clean label preferences for transparency while never sacrificing the importance of great taste. Organic flavors can be certified at either 70% or 95% organic content, only flavors with 95% organic content can be labeled with the USDA Organic Seal. Content below this threshold may only be referenced as made with organic but cannot use the USDA Organic Seal.

Organic flavor WONF’s are an option for product developers who prefer to name the specific characterizing flavor profile on their product label (e.g Organic Blueberry Flavor WONF, Organic Raspberry Flavor WONF, Organic Peppermint Flavor WONF, Organic Honey flavor WONF and many more at In addition to a vast portfolio for organic flavor options, Flavor Producers has introduced both Peelz® and Oatz™ as clean label carriers for organic flavors when formulating teas, snacks, protein powder beverages, bakery products and much more. These clean label technologies provide transparent labeling options with their plant-based origin while being versatile platforms for the creative custom layering of organic flavors that remain stable throughout processing.

The following is a snapshot of a few of our most popular Organic profiles available for sampling for food and beverage product development. Visit our website at to order your sample immediately or contact us at [email protected] to request other organic profiles for your next innovation.

Organic Flavor Name Flavor Number % Organic content
Organic Peppermint Flavor WONF ELF 1039 95%
Organic Coconut Flavor WONF ELF 1052 95%
Organic Honey Flavor WONF ELF 1069 95%
Organic Hazelnut Flavor WONF ELF 1051 95%
Organic Vanilla (Birthday Cake Type) ELF 1045 95%
Organic Blueberry Flavor WONF ELF 1070 95%
Organic Raspberry Flavor WONF ELF 1042 95%
Organic Flavor Blend (Mango Type) ELF 1030 95%
Organic Flavor Blend (Mixed Berry Type) ELF 1034 95%

Create and request samples of your own natural or organic flavors at

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