Outlander season 6: Roger could leave Fraser’s Ridge as producer teases exit

Outlander stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe have recently revealed more about what’s next for their home in Fraser’s Ridge at New York Comic Con.

The actors were joined by producer Maril Davis who divulged that a tough time lies ahead for Fraser’s Ridge resident Roger Mackenzie in the next season of Outlander.

Following the dramatic events of last season, Roger and his wife Brianna will still be staying with their family after trying to travel back to the present day, where they stepped through the stones and found themselves transported back to where they came from.

It seems Sam Heughan has been doing his homework resulting in Jamie Fraser's side smile in Outlander
It seems Sam has been doing his homework

Along with Sam Heughan’s Jamie and Caitriona Balfe’s character Claire, they will all have to re-adjust to their lives in 18th Century America amid the turmoil of the Revolutionary War.

However, this may not be so simple as Roger especially is still yearning for his life in the 20th Century.

At this year’s Outlander panel at NYCC, executive producer Maril Davis previewed where the story will pick up after Roger and Bree’s failed departure.

She teased: “I think this season is all about, for each of them, figuring out their place on the Ridge.”

Jamie and Claire’s son-in-law abandoned his career as a historian to follow Bree back through time.

While he has remained a faithful husband thus far, he’s still getting used to living in America around two centuries before he was actually born.

Season six will challenge him to step up to protect his newfound life on the Ridge as it faces more dangers than ever before.

Outlander Season Six clip with Jamie and Claire Fraser smiling at each other
Will Jamie, Claire, and the extended Fraser Ridge clan stay happy or will the coming war drive yet another wedge between them?

Unfortunately, the mild-mannered academic may not be up to the task just yet.

Davis continued: “Roger, obviously, has so many skills he bought with him.

“[They] aren’t necessarily transferable to this life, so he’s still struggling with that.”

The first images of the new season have teased a pivotal moment for Roger from Diana Gabaldon’s original series of novels.

In the sixth book, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, Roger saves the infant Henri-Christian from drowning in a nearby river, a sequence that seems to feature note-for-note in the upcoming season.

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Culloden provided the inspiration for Outlander
Outlander – Season 3- Episode 301

Roger certainly seems to have come into his own, but the challenges of 17th Century living may eventually prove too much.

Just as Claire has embraced her life as a healer and Jamie continues to fight for the rights of his people, Roger may have to find his own lease of life to adjust to life in the past.

Davis also assured fans: “They have realised this is their home now. And they’re going to make their best efforts to fit in there.”

Even so, there are still plenty more trials coming their way which may convince them to give time-travelling home another shot.

Brianna is also conflicted as she tries to contribute her engineering skills to the Ridge whilst balancing her job as a new mother.

Plus, newcomers to town Thomas Christie (Mark Lewis Jones) and his children arrive harbouring dark secrets which could completely change life on Fraser’s Ridge as they know it.

Outlander season 6 will premiere in early 2022 on Starz.

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