Phishing email sent from ‘senior officer’s ID’, cyber cell points to Rawalpindi link

An email containing malware was sent to thousands of people in Maharashtra — including police and government officials — from the purported ID of a senior inspector on Monday morning. The email is suspected to have originated at Rawalpindi in Pakistan, Maharashtra cyber cell officers said on Wednesday.

Yashasvi Yadav, Special IG (Maharashtra Cyber), said, “The intention is suspected to be an attempt to induct malacious programme for data theft or ransomware.”

The email ID appeared to belong to Rajesh Nagawade, senior inspector of east region cyber police station. Nagawade didn’t respond to phone calls.

The email bore the subject line “Terrorist behind JK attack gunned down in Mumbai”. It also had PDF file named “Report Intelligence”. The cyber police strongly suspects it was malware, which, when dowloaded, would trigger a cyber attack.

“We soon alerted all government officials and asked them not to open the link, which decreased the impact of the attack,” said Sanjay Shintre, SP (Maharashtra Cyber).

The police said the email was traced to Rawalpindi and the PDF file may have been created in Uttar Pradesh. The Mumbai cyber police is likely to register an FIR in the matter.

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