Raging Lorraine Kelly tells Boris Johnson ‘do your homework’ after speech blunder

Lorraine Kelly has slammed Boris Johnson on social media after his disastrous speech to the business leaders.

The TV presenter was irritated by the Prime Minister’s “bumbling” delivery before taking to Twitter to share her frustrations with her 667,300 followers.

Referencing Peppa Pig and losing his place, the Tory leader stumbled through his address to the Confederation of British Industry conference in South Shields today.

The 61-year-old host uploaded a clip of Johnson losing his train of thought, writing: “DO YOUR HOMEWORK. READ YOUR BRIEFS.

“Muddling through in a bumbling fashion isn’t going to hack it any more.”

Next to the original video, Sky News added their own caption for clarity: “‘Forgive me… forgive me… forgive me.’

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“Prime Minister Boris Johnson appears to lose his place whilst delivering a speech to the CBI.”

The politician could be heard saying: “So with safer streets, err with great local schools, err with fantastic err broadband err…”

Boris frantically swapped his papers around and muttered something inaudible before saying “forgive me” a total of three times.

The pause lasted a total of 21 seconds, causing a lot of listeners to be distinctly unimpressed by the Prime Minister’s rhetorical skills.

Many of Lorraine’s followers agreed with her take on the speech, giving their thoughts in the comments section.

LindaCrabbe1 wrote: “Awe stop it, I can’t take anymore. It’s so painful and embarrassing to see him… and to think he’s in charge of the UK…”

“It’s easy to forget what you’re supposed to say if you don’t actually believe in the things that are in the script,” Paul Jackson added.

Susan Hiles commented: “Even by his standards that was terrible. He’s losing it!”

Natalie Hanley added: “He’s just an embarrassment! It is not funny anymore, if it ever was!”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaking at the CBI annual conference, where at one point he lost his place for almost 30 seconds, at the Port of Tyne, in South Shields.

While the vast majority of comments were in favour of Lorraine’s views, some jumped in to defend the Prime Minister.

Addressing Lorraine and Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid, Ingeborg Van Essen penned sarcastically: “I am so glad to see that all of you are always at your best…Wow I wish I could do that.

“Is there a class I could take or maybe get some pointers from you incredible people? Anyway I’m in awe of you. Brilliant human beings. Really awesome!!”

“And everyone else is perfect,” MarkB69 added.

In his speech, Boris was set to announce that new homes built in England will have to have electric car charging points in an effort to reach net zero emissions.

Lorraine airs weekdays on ITV at 9am.

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