Scotland manager Steve Clarke’s daughter is suffering long covid and he says it puts football disruption in perspective

Steve Clarke revealed during a press conference that his daughter is suffering from long covid.

The Scotland manager was speaking to the press ahead of the side’s World Cup qualifier against Denmark tomorrow.

Clarke’s side have faced some blows due to several Covid-related issues within the team.

Motherwell captain Stephen O’Donnell has been forced to withdraw from Scotland’s squad due to ‘local restrictions’ in Denmark, which are placed on people who have recently tested positive for Covid.

John McGinn and Nathan Patterson are also missing out due to Covid-related issues.

But during his conference, Clarke reminded everyone that we are still living through a global pandemic, and even off the pitch people are still affected by the virus, including his daughter.

He said: “We have a good team on the pitch and we have a strong bench, we don’t have a full bench but we have more than enough to go there and be competitive in the game and get the result that we want.

Scotland manager Steve Clarke with Stephen O’Donnell

“On the back of all the covid issues, it’s worth pointing out that it’s a global pandemic. Other countries, other teams have suffered from it and it’s our turn this time.

“But in the scheme of things, football and not having players is a relatively minor issue because you’ve got people who are dying of the illness.

“People on ventilators, people stuck in hospital, people with long covid – of which my daughter is one – so I understand it.

“We have to put into perspective that it’s football and we will deal with it.”

After the game in Copenhagen, Scotland host Moldova on Saturday and visit Austria on Tuesday.

It is understood that McGinn and Patterson should also be available for the visit by Moldova.

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