Scots mum with cervical cancer thanks ‘hero’ rapper Dappy for treatment fundraiser donation

A Scots mum who was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer has thanked N-Dubz rapper Dappy for donating to her treatment fundraiser.

Maggie Carle, from Motherwell, was devastated when she received her diagnosis last month and found out that the tumour was inoperable due to its size.

The mum-of-three has been told she will need regular rounds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy to survive.

Determined she wasn’t ready to leave her “beautiful babies”, she launched a crowdfunding page for a pioneering course of medication which she believes is her “last chance” at survival.

Maggie, 29, has been a massive fan of musician Dappy for years and has a tattoo portrait of him on her arm.

She has been in contact with the star since meeting him at a Glasgow gig last year.

So when he messaged her to tell her he had made a donation, Maggie told the Record she was “delighted”.

Dappy’s generous cash boost has helped the mum reach her target to be able to purchase a batch of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) and given her extra hope.

Maggie’s tattoo of the rapper.

She said: “He helped me reach my target. Cant thank him enough. He truly is my hero.”

On her fundraiser page, Maggie explained that she never asks for help but she feels like this is her last option.

She said: “I’m not ready to leave my beautiful babies. So I am looking for help to purchase the proper RSO cancer course to try and give me a chance to live… anyone who knows me knows I never ask for help, I am always the one helping other people.

“I have always been too independent and this is a very hard thing for me to do but I feel like this is my last chance and need to put my pride aside. Any help towards this would honestly be extremely appreciated. Please help me try and give myself a chance to live and see my kids grow.”

Dappy shared his support for Maggie on Instagram.

She added: “I had been unwell for the past nine months. December 2021 things got worse, the pain I was in was so severe.

“I had been in and out of hospital five times in December – January as they just would not listen.

“They even did scans to see where my coil was and missed a mass of cancer and large tumour.

“I’m heartbroken over this and my tumour is too big to operate on and have been told I will need chemo and radiotherapy everyday.

Dappy commented on the fundraiser.

“Please help me stay for my kids. My heart is breaking and I cant leave them yet.”

On Facebook, Maggie shared the messages between the two where Dappy told her made a donation to the page, before he added: “Love u sooo much, you’re not going anywhere!! X.”

You can donate to Maggie’s page here.

For cancer information, support, or just someone to talk to click here.

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