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Sec. Mayorkas ought to ‘resign and be impeached’ over southern border disaster: Tom Homan

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Former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan criticized the Biden administration on “Jesse Watters Primetime” Monday for failing to safe the southern border, doubtlessly permitting terrorists to enter the United States.

TOM HOMAN: Seven hundred thousand got-aways since Joe Biden grew to become president. Seven hundred thousand folks entered this nation illegally and never arrested. How a lot of them are within the screening database? Just final month 67,000 got-aways. These aren’t Tom Homan numbers, these are primarily based on digicam visitors, drone visitors, and sensor visitors that border patrol data however cannot reply to. Here is what folks have to be apprehensive about. After 9/11 we put a whole lot of processes in place the place terrorists couldn’t get into the United States. The Visa Security Program. The no-fly checklist. The terrorist screening database. You can’t get into this nation with any derogatory info in any respect. You aren’t getting a visa and aircraft ticket. Those processes imply nothing if you happen to can stroll throughout the southwest border unscathed like 700,000 folks did. This is a big problem. I believe Secretary Mayorkas must resign and be impeached. 


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