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A SECURITY blunder at the Gizo Correctional Centre in Western Province on Tuesday saw an inmate escaped undetected but was recaptured few hours later.

Reports reaching the paper said the inmate escaped through a rusty bamboo wire gate at the Malakerava Correctional Centre without the knowledge of the Correctional Officers.

The incident occurred between 2pm and 3pm on Tuesday afternoon prompting a man hunt in Gizo.

Gizo Police confirmed that the prisoner escaped between 2 to 3pm yesterday afternoon from the Malakerava Correctional Centre.

“The prisoner escapes without the knowledge of the duty Correctional Officer.

“The inmate got out through a rust bamboo wire gate and took off,” the police said.

A man hunt was mounted, the Correctional Officers recaptured the inmate around 5pm in the afternoon.

Speaking to this paper in an interview some of the eye witnesses living at the Babylon area said they spotted the inmate passing through their area after leaving Malakerava area.

The inmate is said to be part Shortland and Temotu.

The old Malakerava Correctional Centre is located close to the seaside which resulted in some fence and wires getting rusty over the years.


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