Sixties protest songs had a sunny side too | Folk music

Protest songs of the 1960s were not all doom and gloom (‘By 10, I knew all about the impact of a nuclear blast’: growing up in the shadow of the bomb, 16 March). We kept our spirits up with songs like Leon Rosselson’s great satire on government guidance, Stand Firm: “To prove to the aggressor that free men will be free / Crouch down in your hidey holes, make lots of pots of tea / If you’re caught out in the open, duck behind a tree.”
Dave Headey
Faringdon, Oxfordshire

A page for the over-70s (Letters, 21 March)? What a good idea – you could bring back the women’s page as well. And while you’re at it, how about a page for people with disabilities, ethnic minorities and LGBTQ people? That would leave the rest of the paper for working-age straight white men so they don’t have to trouble themselves with issues that don’t concern them.
Carol Dunnett
Guildford, Surrey

I was surprised to see snails omitted from the acceptable ingredients for a paella valenciana (Report, 22 March). When I lived in Valencia in the 1970s, our gardener regarded the snails he collected as a valuable perk of the job, and they were a staple ingredient in the paella at our local restaurant.
John Hougham
Gravesend, Kent

It is easy to tell weasels and stoats apart (Young country diary, 19 March). A weasel is weasily distinguished, a stoat is stoatally different – and weasels go “pop”.
Anne-Marie Rees

Residents of Dudley will be surprised to learn that they live in the north (Headteacher defends plan for free ‘Etons of the north’ sixth forms, 21 March).
Dr Ian West
Broseley, Shropshire

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