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WHEN Solomon Islands was caught up in the height of the COVID-19 outbreak in February, it turned to its closest friend – Australia for help.

Despite having their own challenges and struggles ranging from COVID-19 and natural disasters, the Australian government and its people decided to lend a hand to one of its of close Mates.

During the border closures and travel restrictions very little did many of us know that our Australian friends were busy delivering vital supplies such as medical equipment, fuel and food nation-wide to all nine provinces.

Apart from engaging ships to distribute fuel and food, the Australian government had to dispatch two C-27J aircraft to airlift cargoes to our rural airports.

The herculas completed a total of 24 flights to locations agreed by the Solomon Island Government.

Fortunately some of the airports were recently upgraded and were able to cater for the military aircrafts.

The support offered by Australia is one that many of our rural Solomon Islanders should be grateful for because it helps to provide timely support in terms of medical equipment and food.

Turn to pages 8&9 to read more of their help.

There is still support from the Australian Government in the COVID-19 fight.

Last week one of the ADF aircraft was able to deliver the much anticipated CT Scan machine.

Imagine the cost the Solomon Islands Government would incur should it machine was shipped on commercial aircraft.

Theres so much help from our friend.

Some of the upcoming ones are the construction of new telecommunication towers and provincial markets for our rural populations.

Lets also thanked Australia for supporting our national soccer team in ensuring the boys were able to spend one and half weeks in Gold Coast and manage to play three friendly matches.

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