The 5 Best Oven-Cleaning Tips and Tricks We Learned in 2021

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The editors and writers here at Kitchn spend a lot of time cleaning ovens. Partly because we make a lot of casseroles and saucy, splatter-y dishes, and partly because we’re always on the hunt to find little tricks and hacks that can make it easier for you to clean your own oven when it’s time. The hope is that, for every few things we try that don’t really work, we find one thing that does. And this year, we found five very smart tips — tips we wish we had known much earlier, and tips that can help us all in 2022 and beyond. Ready? Let’s take a look.

1. Trim a microfiber cleaning brush to fit between the door’s glass panels.

We had actually tried, last year, to use a microfiber cleaning brush to clean between the glass panels on an oven door. It didn’t quite fit and we gave up. But then Texas-based cleaning pro Vanesa Amaro posted a video featuring the idea to trim the the fibers so that the brush fits into the narrow space. In a pinch, Amaro says you can also use a wire clothes hanger carefully draped with a microfiber cloth. 

2. Use oven cleaner to clean stove grates.

3. Use a British cleaner to polish up oven doors.

If you spent any time on TikTok this year, you likely came across some videos featuring The Pink Stuff. It was seriously everywhere. Of course, we had to try it out. (It’s pink! It’s British! It’s well-reviewed!) We used it for a bunch of cleaning tasks, and we loved it the most when it came to cleaning the inside glass on our oven doors. Check out these before-and-after pics.

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4. Scrub oven racks with Bar Keepers Friend.

5. Clean your stovetop with a vacuum.

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Lisa Freedman is the Executive Lifestyle Director at The Kitchn. She has never met a cheese or a washi tape she didn’t like. She lives in New York state with her husband and their pup, Millie.

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