The Chase fans furious over ‘unfair and awful’ questions to blind contestant

Viewers of The Chase were left furious today after a blind contestant was given a series of “unfair” and “awful” questions.

The well-loved ITV quiz show, which is hosted by Bradley Walsh, and despite now being in it’s 14th season, fans still love it as much as they did on day one.

However, today, when it was blind student Josh’s turn to take on Chaser Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett, many of them hit out at producers online after they felt one contestant wasn’t treated fairly.

It was when Josh was asked about the colours of snooker balls and the order they are in on a table which irked those watching and they were soon calling out the producers over it, according to The Mirror.

One angry viewer fumed: “#theChase can’t believe the blind kid got the question on snooker ball colours wrong. Anyone can SEE its black. What a shocking question to ask someone with no concept of colour.”

The Chase
The Chase fans fuming as blind contestant gets asked ‘unfair’ question which ‘ignores disability’

Another weighed in about the legitimacy of the question: “Seems unfair + wrong that #TheChase just asked a sight-impaired contestant about which colour ball is furthest from the player on a snooker table #Disability #DisabilityTwitter.”

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A third viewer questioned what Josh was asked: “Hard to believe but #TheChase just asked a blind man a question on the coloured balls of snooker, visual art and bioluminescence. I really hope it’s random selection.”

The Chase's Marl Labbett was hoping to thwart the contestants
The Chase’s Marl Labbett was hoping to thwart the contestants

A fourth ranted on Twitter: “Very unfair chase for Josh -some awful questions #thechase.”

While a sixth questioned: “What is with those questions for Josh? #thechase.”

*The Chase continues on weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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