Touching new heights: French base jumpers graze pyramids of Giza

Over the years, aero sports technology has undergone several advancements. In one such display, two wingsuit pilots recently flew closer than ever before to the great pyramids of Giza.

Frédéric Fugen, among the world’s most famous wingsuit pilots and BASE jumpers, along with Vincent Cotte, a former member of France’s national paragliding team, soared past within touching distance of the Pyramid of Khafre in Egypt.

The duo was able to accomplish this feat with the help of Skydive Egypt, an Egyptian paragliding school, employing the “resource” technique. The “resource” technique, that was first demonstrated by Fugen and his jetman and skydiver Vince Reffet, allows flyers to fly closer to ground level by opening the parachute faster.

In a statement given to Redbull, Fugen said, “”It has been absolutely amazing to get right next to these giant stones, some of the last wonders of the ancient world that are still visible today. I felt so small in front of such big monuments. I never even thought I would be able to make this flight one day. If this project has been possible, it is because flying techniques and materials have evolved a lot recently.”

Since the video has come out, people have been in awe of the breathtaking stunt, while some wondered about the possible outrage it might provoke amongst some locals who are sensitive about their cultural heritage.

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