Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving Chips with Cranberry Sauce – Review

Of course, no chip is complete without its dip counterpart. Which is why I was particularly intrigued when I came across this post in a Trader-Joe’s-themed Facebook group. (You know how I feel about a TJTFG.) A member posted a picture of a TJ’s turkey-and-stuffing-seasoned potato chip topped with a dollop of cranberry sauce with a telling caption: “Thank you to whoever recommended the Thanksgiving chips and cranberry sauce! This is delicious!”

While I’ve had these chips before, it never occurred to me to dip them in cranberry sauce. But dozens of group members quickly chimed in and agreed with the original poster (one even called the pairing “genius”). Those who hadn’t tried the combo were adding it to their lists and making trips to the store, specifically for these items. Lots of exclamation points and zero naysayers. I, too, had to investigate. 

I travelled the two subway stops to my nearest Trader Joe’s — specifically for these two items (of course, I left with nine items … but that’s for another post). Inside, I turned a corner and there they were in all their leafy green glory: a beautiful endcap with rows and rows of chips waiting to be dipped in the best whole berry cranberry sauce. I grabbed said jar and headed home, eager to give these two a try.

Admittedly, I was a little too eager with the first chip and scooped too much cranberry sauce — it was all I could taste, which is great if you LOVE cranberry sauce. But I missed the savory flavor you get from the chip on its own. The blend of dried herbs and spices (celery seed, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme, etc.) and seasonings (sea salt, black pepper) really does mimic the flavors in an actual bite of stuffing. And as my favorite holiday side, it’s one I don’t want masked. The sweetness of cranberry sauce, while delicious, was better distributed in way smaller quantities.

It took me a few tries, but I finally found my form and the right chip-to-dip ratio (a light dunking with just enough sauce on the edge of one side of the chip). Once I figured this out, it was hard to stop munching. I did, though, because I didn’t want to eat an entire bag of chips and a bowl of sauce as my lunch. Plus, I want to savor this pairing while supplies last! I could also take a cue from one savvy group member and stash six bags away in a storage closet for a later date.

Have you tried the chip and dip pairing? Let us know in the comments below.

Mara Weinraub

Lifestyle Editor, Groceries

Mara is the Groceries Editor at Kitchn. She’s fascinated with how we eat and what it says about our society. She lives in New York City where she stocks a minimum of three peanut butter jars in her apartment at all times.

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