Video: Why you shouldn’t deep-fry a frozen turkey

Thinking about deep frying a frozen turkey at your next family shindig?

It might be best to avoid. Ahead of American Thanksgiving, firefighters in Mississippi shared dramatic footage of why people might want to stick to cooking turkey the old-fashioned way.

The video shows a firefighter dipping a frozen turkey into hot oil, and the bird instantly catches fire.

“The last thing we want to be doing is to show up on Thanksgiving where someone’s got hurt,” Fire Chief Billy Kelley said, following the demonstration in the Facebook post. He said the video shows “what not to do.”

Kelley urged people to completely thaw and dry out their turkeys before cooking.

The video, published by the City of Gulfport mayor’s office, also offered a handful of tips, including making sure would-be chefs cook their turkey at the correct temperature. They also urged people not to deep-fry their turkey in an enclosed area, under a roof or tree because flare-ups are possible.

Check out the full video above.

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