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What GOP Senate hopefuls vying to run towards Duckworth say about election integrity

Only one of many seven Republican candidates vying for the occasion’s nomination to run towards incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Tammy Duckworth in November mentioned he does not consider the 2020 presidential election was “stolen” from former President Donald Trump.

Anthony Williams, a pastor from Chicago, mentioned curbing violence and a return to civility have been the driving forces behind his marketing campaign.

When requested throughout a candidate discussion board Wednesday with members of the Daily Herald editorial board in regards to the state of election integrity in Illinois and nationally, Williams was transient in his evaluation.

“No, I do not believe the election was stolen,” he mentioned. “That’s my answer.”

Though allegations of widespread fraud within the 2020 presidential election weren’t substantiated, different candidates — together with Chicagoan Jimmy Lee Tillman II — disagree with Williams.

“In our country, here in Chicago, there’s always been a history of shadiness,” Tillman mentioned. “Here in Chicago, dead people vote, that’s not no joke, it’s a fact. I can say the election was stolen and I don’t believe Joe Biden is president.”

Candidate Robert “Bobby” Piton of Geneva additionally mentioned “the 2020 election was absolutely stolen.”

Piton mentioned he plans to launch a report subsequent month that he claims exhibits widespread election fraud all through Illinois as properly.



Piton additionally mentioned each election must be audited. He believes property house owners ought to have to incorporate the names of all registered voters residing in these houses on property tax payments and that failure to take action ought to lead to a fantastic beginning at $10,000 after which escalating for “subsequent violations.”

Piton additionally desires to depoliticize elections by placing navy veterans, retired police and retired firefighters accountable for elections, he mentioned.

The different 4 candidates didn’t reply particularly in the event that they believed the election was stolen or if the outcomes have been legitimate. Instead, they spoke about election integrity.

Peggy Hubbard of Belleville mentioned she had personally witnessed election fraud working in downstate St. Clair County. She believes in a voter ID requirement to submit ballots.

“I need to have an ID to drive a car, an endorsement for a motorcycle, an ID to open up a bank account, get a job, join the military, buy alcohol or buy a house, it stands to reason that we do need some form of voter ID and voter integrity,” she mentioned. “I know they cheat, because I (have) seen it firsthand.”



Candidate Matt Dubiel of Naperville additionally helps some type of voter ID to forged ballots.

“I have to have two pieces of identification in order to carry my Glock,” he mentioned. “I have to have a (firearm owners identification) card in Illinois and I have to have a concealed carry card in Illinois, but you don’t have to show any identification to vote. And you could make the argument that a vote is way more important and way more dangerous.”

Candidate Casey Chlebek of Lake Forest additionally desires a return to a single day of voting.

“Only in very unusual situations should mail-in voting be allowed because that’s where difficulty comes in and that’s where you invite fraud,” he mentioned.

Chlebek mentioned the main focus should not be on what occurred in 2020, however on the integrity of future elections to “concentrate on improving the election process so it never happens.”

Candidate Kathy Salvi of Mundelein mentioned she “will fight to ensure every vote counts” if elected in November, however stopped in need of saying election fraud contributed to President Biden’s victory in 2020.

“Well, Joe Biden is our president,” she mentioned. “I wish we had a different leader who could meet this moment, but we don’t. That’s why we need a U.S. Senator who will be a check not a rubber stamp on President Biden’s policies.”

Republican voters will determine June 28 who will face Duckworth in November.


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