Will offer job to Dalit cook fired from Uttarakhand govt school: AAP minister Rajendra Pal Gautam

Social Welfare Minister Rajendra Pal Gautam Saturday said the Delhi government would offer the job of ‘Bhojan Mata’ to the Dalit woman who was ousted from her job as a cook at a government school in Uttarakhand.

He alleged that the BJP— which is in power in the state— had “encouraged casteism” by firing the cook. “I, being the Minister of Women and Child Development of Delhi, invite her to come to Delhi and the Delhi government will give her the job of preparing food,” he said.

In a recent incident, upper-caste students allegedly refused to eat mid-day meals prepared by the woman in a government school at Champawat, Uttarakhand. Following this, the school management committee removed her from the job on the grounds that her appointment was wrongly done.

“Instead of convincing the children, the school authorities fired her. People who spread hatred should not be encouraged. Removing her from the job means promoting casteism,” said Gautam, adding that “the parents argued that general category students are in majority in the school, so ‘Bhojan Mata’ should also be appointed from this category”.

“From utensils, buildings, roads, shoes, clothes, even idols of god that are placed inside temples, are made by backward castes. So, if people with such casteist thinking refuse to eat food cooked by a Dalit woman, will they stop wearing their clothes, shoes or even staying at home? Our country cannot develop if people continue with such a mindset,” he said.

Taking a jibe at the Uttarakhand government, he added, “CM Pushkar Singh Dhami is not capable of delivering justice to people. The BJP only does politics of religion and caste, politics of dividing the society.”

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